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The outdoor model also comes with a broad range of sensors that provide you accurate weather predictions. Each sensor is attached to each instrument to help you collect all the data you need—including outdoor temperature, humidity, rainfall, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction. Some modern models can even provide you with additional data such as UV and solar radiation, leaf moisture, soil moisture, etc. While still on it, you can include an IP camera to your weather station to provide you with real-time visual snapshots of weather conditions regardless of your location. Personally, I haven’t added a webcam to my station set up but I’ve come across many homeowners who have successfully done it. A good example involves the weather station ability to connect to IFTTT— a web-based app that initiates actions that you’ve chosen such as turning on your home ventilator fan if humidity hits a certain value.

It features 3 outdoor sensors that transmit data through a connected wire or wirelessly . The pro weather station also comes with integrated solar panels. These power the internal aspirating fan, thereby maximizing ambient temperature accuracy throughout the day. It’s vivid High-definition display that delivers vital information about weather condition at a glance. The screen displays humidity, temperature wind speed and direction, rainfall and lightning data, all transmitted by the pro 5-in-1 sensor. You’ll surely love how easy this screen lets you toggle between indoor weather, outdoor weather, and daily records for each weather parameter. We loved this AcuRite home weather station because it not only offers you reports on various weather conditions in your backyard but also keeps you updated on lightning storm activity — ensuring lightning safety.

And today, it’s possible to access the weather conditions recorded by your weather station while on the go— thanks to the Internet Monitoring Option function. The wired model involves a set of cables from all the sensors of the weather station to the data console. There’s a lot of work involved in setting up the station as it will require you to run the cables through yards, drill through holes, etc. This can present you with a challenge when choosing the perfect model for you.

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This, in my view, will make it possible for you to share your station weather data with your family and friends. This way, they’ll see the kind of weather you’re enjoying while out there. Luckily, you can install a weather station on your RV to help you get up-to-the-minute updates on the weather conditions around you. It’s worth noting that most of the models you’ll find on the market today perform as both indoor and outdoor weather stations. In other words, they come fitted with both the indoor and outdoor weather measuring sensors.

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Developers could build a wide range of innovative and engaging weather data-powered applications using AccuWeather. You should have a clear picture of what you intend to use your new station for, type of data you wish to collect, and the type of weather station that matches your needs and interests adobe flash player for chrome. Yes, a home based weather station will provide with accurate weather forecast provided you do your research well and buy the best-quality model. According to my sister who’s a farmer, there’s no specific weather station designed for farmers. Just like the case of the RV above, you can get the right model by simply focusing on the most helpful features for your farm. Whatever weather station you choose for your recreational vehicle or campervan, make sure it comes with most or all of the above mentioned features and functionalities. Other factors that make a great weather station for your RV include the internet connectivity function.


You’d also want to check the type of data the home weather station you buy collects and if it suits your needs. Similar to the La Crosse Technology model we discussed earlier, WS-2317 Professional Weather is also a high-quality system that accurately reads, processes, and displays data of all weather conditions.

You can use it as a thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, and alarm clock. Like all the weather stations we’ve featured on this list, it also presents you with an easy to read, backlit color LCD display. Oregon Scientific is one of the top manufacturers of top-of-the-line weather instruments. In our 9th spot of the best personal weather station reviews, we feature their one of their most affordable model with solid features—the WMR86NS Complete Home Weather Station.