Bankruptcy Lawyer Bloomington IL. You need if you are struggling with unmanageable debt, bankruptcy could provide the debt relief.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Bloomington IL. You need if you are struggling with unmanageable debt, bankruptcy could provide the debt relief.

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While bankruptcy just isn’t suitable for everybody, this has assisted an incredible number of Us americans find a cure for a far better future. Our bankruptcy attorneys provide individuals across main Illinois Bloomington that is including, Washington, and Pekin.

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There are two main fundamental kinds of bankruptcies, chapter 7 and chapter 13. A chapter 7 could be the classic bankruptcy that many individuals consider where your financial situation are released and you are clearly kept by having a clean slate. A chapter 13 is really a financial obligation payment plan where your financial situation are reorganized into one monthly payment.

We are able to assist you to determine which kind of bankruptcy is more suitable for your circumstances.


Filing for any kind of bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 bankruptcy, will straight away stop all collection actions by creditors including garnishments, repossessions, letters and telephone calls. It’s this that is called the stay that is automatic. A Chapter 7 is considered the most form that is common of and it is made to get individuals out of under a formidable load of financial obligation. It’s the form that is quickest of bankruptcy and certainly will eradicate: charge cards, unsecured loans, repossessions, judgments, legislation matches, medical bills, bills, pay day loans, wage deductions, and garnishments. When you file, most of the collection letters and calls end immediately.

In just about all situations those who file Chapter 7 arrive at keep almost all their home.

This can be as a result of the many Illinois exemptions which are available including:

  • $15,000 Homestead Exemption – $30,000 for a couple that is married
  • 100% exemption for many your your retirement accounts including 401k, IRA, and retirement
  • $2,400 toward the equity in a vehicle – $4,800 for a couple that is married
  • $1,500 in equipment and tools useful for work
  • As much as $4,000 various other individual home – $8,000 for a couple that is married


Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires the consolidation and reorganization of all of the your financial situation into one payments that are monthly. Chapter 13 could be used to avoid property foreclosure or the repossession of an automobile. For folks whose income is just too high to be eligible for a a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will nevertheless eliminate many most of your personal debt or lessen your general financial obligation load considerably. A chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you if you are facing a mortgage foreclosure, repossession, high interest credit cards, payday loans, or wage deductions.



We now have aided a huge selection of people get relief that is financial bankruptcy. We make ourselves available to our clients almost 24/7 via e-mail, phone, and also text communication. We attempt to be here for the consumers and make sure which they have the most useful and a lot of expert representation feasible. Phone the experienced bankruptcy lawyers in Bloomington IL at Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols today by calling 309-467-3213 right here or e-mail us at

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“Mike did a job that is excellent me function with an expungement hearing. Really expert, well ready, and addressed me like household. Would strongly recommend.” D C

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