Relationships with a dealer got you the bigger position

Relationships with a dealer got you the bigger position

Nevertheless, cleaning agents, with their dirt-loosening effect, endanger the moisture content of the skin. You should also wear gloves when washing dishes. Dishwashing detergents not only loosen the grease from plates and pans, they also damage the skin’s natural protective layer.

Just don’t use too much cleaning agent

One last important rule is: don’t use too much cleaning agent! Follow the directions on the bottle. Where many use a whole cap, two splashes are often enough. Those who take more are wasteful, often creating streaks and harming the environment.

For a 20-year-old man and his 19-year-old companion, a chase with the police in the Taunus ended in a pond. The officers wanted to stop the driver of the car on Friday night, whereupon the man drove away, the police in Wiesbaden said. Just when the police believed that the escape had passed a barrier near Neu-Anspach, the 20-year-old started an “” adventurous driving maneuver “” and drove up a slope at full throttle and passed the obstacle.

The police pushed the barrier aside and searched the area for the fugitive and his car, which they had briefly lost sight of. The officers found the car just a few hundred meters behind the slope at the bottom of the green meadow pond. The driver and his companion were able to get out of the car in time and were arrested at the scene of the accident. During the arrest, the police officers’ car slipped through the muddy ground into the pond, the officials said. Both vehicles had to be pulled out of the water.

According to the police, the 20-year-old attacked an officer at the station who was in the process of taking blood on suspicion of taking narcotics. In addition to the suspicion of misuse of license plates, driving without a driver’s license and endangering road traffic, criminal charges were brought against the man for the attack on the police officer.

Cologne (dpa) – The comedian Gaby Köster is pleased to be able to feel mosquito bites again more than ten years after a stroke. “” My left arm has become more sensitive to touch. If a mosquito bites me there, I notice it, “” said the 57-year-old of the “” Bild “”.

It only becomes difficult if a mosquito bites her on her right, healthy arm – because then she has no arm with which to scratch. In 2008 the Cologne actress (“” Rita’s World “”) suffered a stroke and disappeared completely from the scene for more than three years. At the beginning of September 2011, Köster will return to the public – which was only then when the reason for her withdrawal was found out. The left half of the comedian’s body has been partially paralyzed since then.

An abandoned package in a bus called the State Criminal Police Office to defuse the scene on Tuesday in Velbert. The reason: Cables were hanging out of the package. The specialists x-rayed the package and finally determined that the contents were a car radio. It should be sent to a company in Velbert for repair, as the Mettmann district police announced. Why the package was left unattended in the back of the bus initially remained unclear. They have since made contact with the sender of the package, it said. The central bus station in Velbert remained closed for the inspection of the package, which took around three hours.

An innovative kitchen not only offers storage space, it also adapts to your needs. The design is cleverly used so that there are no pieces of furniture in the way and the whole family can sit comfortably together.

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The innovative kitchen offers more storage space

Not only are cooking programs booming on TV. An increasing number of people expect more from their kitchen than just boiling an egg or a cup of coffee in it. However, in order for you to feel well, it is important that you use the storage space in the kitchen intelligently. It doesn’t matter whether you have enough space for an eat-in kitchen or only little space to stow away your kitchen utensils.

In an innovative kitchen, the storage space is taken up in the design. Cabinet systems are very important. The cupboards are fitted with doors that can be swung in and out to make the best possible use of corners. In this way, no space is left unused and there is enough storage space.

Innovative kitchens are adapted to your size

If you choose a bespoke kitchen, the countertop will be adjusted to your height. There are twelve variable heights that can be adjusted from 79.4 cm to 102.2 cm. In an innovative kitchen, back pain after washing up is a thing of the past.

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The cupboards and the drawer system can also be adapted to your height. An intelligent organization system also helps to make the kitchen a popular meeting place within the apartment. Crockery, cutlery and electrical appliances are not only stowed away, but can also be easily reached thanks to the variable height.

This summer, Germans should often get company from buzzing pests. The conditions for mosquitoes have so far been ideal. 

“” Mosquitoes have ideal starting conditions this year “, says Doreen Walther, biologist and mosquito expert at the Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) in Müncheberg, Brandenburg. If the weather remains so mild and thunderstorms continue to regularly cause puddles and well-filled standing water, the mosquito multiplication could continue like a cascade.

“We are already seeing the second and third generation of some species,” says Walther. This would mean that there could be significantly more mosquitoes in summer than in 2014 and 2015. 2016 was already a good year for insects.

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Asian tiger mosquito braves the cold

Of the 28 mosquito families that occur in Germany, only three sting – and then only the females, because they need proteins from the blood for their egg formation. However, the mosquito family alone is split into 50 species.

This also applies to black flies, which look a little like flies: They like to crawl under the clothes of strollers to sting. There are even 300 species of the midges, which are only a few millimeters in size. They are mainly out and about at dusk and like to prick close to the hairline.

The Asian tiger mosquito has only been detected at a few locations in Baden-Württemberg and Thuringia, reports Walther. However, the expert assumes that the heat-loving exotic species from southern Europe will also spread across Germany in a few years. In the meantime, for example, they defy the frost in the sewer system.

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Important: Do not scratch itchy areas

But Doreen Walther also has good news for all mosquito-plagued people. “So far there are no dangerous pathogens in Germany that are transmitted by mosquitoes,” she reports. However, the immune system reacts more strongly to exotic species, which is why one should be careful. The biggest problem, however, is still that people scratch the itchy puncture sites, as this is the only thing that leads to suppuration or edema.

Have all the strange stories about toilet paper been told? A market in a 3,000-inhabitant town with a strange sale and insane sales figures is one more thing.

A specialty store for house, animal and garden in a Hessian municipality has sold 15,000 rolls of toilet paper in just a few hours with a toilet paper drive-in. At times, cars stood in line in the parking lot so that the drivers could have XXL packs with 24 rolls for 8 euros handed into the vehicle. In the video above you can see the scenes.

The market has made a virtue out of necessity: “” With this offer we should have closed our rooms within minutes because only up to 15 people are allowed inside at the same time, “” says Andreas Hofmann, head of the Lapwing Market in Dornburg-Frickhofen (Limburg-Weilburg district). “” So we said we were selling toilet paper to go in front of the door. And then we came up with the idea of ​​cars. “”

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An employee with a face mask sold the toilet paper directly from the pallets on Saturday until the contingent was sold out in the evening. Good relationships with a dealer have given you the bigger position. A new delivery should come on Wednesday and the toilet roll drive-in will reopen. 

Sources used: own research

Celebrating Halloween is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Would you like to throw a Halloween party this year, but still need a few creative ideas? With the following Halloween tips and suggestions you can organize a Halloween party for young and old based on the American model.

The festival to shudder!
Photo series with 8 pictures

Halloween party: motto and invitations

Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31st. If this is a weekday, you should move the party to the weekend so you can be sure that as many guests as possible have time. First of all, you should come up with a theme for your Halloween party. Because not every guest is so creative as to come up with a new, exciting disguise every year. Choosing a costume is easier with a motto like “” Scary Hotel “”, “” Zombie Apocalypse “”, “” Cursed Hospital “” or “” Hollyween – Halloween in Hollywood “”.

Tip: You should design your invitation cards to match the theme of the evening. Please write that creepy disguises are more than desired. Distribute the invitation cards around three to four weeks before the actual party, so the guests have enough time to take care of a costume.

Food for scary fans

At a Halloween party, there are usually hearty pumpkin dishes, such as pumpkin soup and gruesome dishes with ingredients that are difficult to recognize. Muffins with blood-red icing or slimy green dips like guacamole are just a few Halloween tips for the buffet. Food coloring can give a lot of food a gross, spoiled look. Color the soup blue or the mashed potatoes green – the possibilities are endless.

A Halloween party also includes scary drinks. How about a red juice punch with lychees, which are reminiscent of eyeballs, or shots in a test tube or in a disposable syringe for the adults? If you freeze a few plastic spiders or other plastic crawling animals in an egg cube container with water, you will get a disgusting but also funny side dish for your drinks.

It is best to serve the food as a buffet so that each guest can choose for themselves which terribly delicious food they prefer. A buffet can also be nicely decorated thematically. Tip: You can now also buy paper plates, napkins and the like with Halloween motifs in Germany.

Tip: If you want to organize party games, you can incorporate disgusting food as a punishment. Many popular party games can be adapted to a Halloween concept. For example, you can play the game Stop-Dance for Micheal Jackson’s “” Thriller “”. Here all guests dance while one guest operates the music system. The music is arbitrarily switched off and the guests have to remain in their respective dance pose until the music continues to play. Anyone who moves during the stop phase is eliminated from the game.

Scary decoration

Of course, every good Halloween party also needs the right decoration. Typical Halloween colors are black, orange, poison green and purple. Elements for this – spiders and cobwebs, ghosts, bats and skulls – can be found in the carnival shop or craft shop. With a little skill and time to prepare, you can also do this yourself.

Tip: You can buy ornamental pumpkins cheaply almost everywhere in autumn. The typical jack-o-lanterns are best carved out of large orange varieties of pumpkin. For example, you can make ghosts out of balloons that are wrapped in a white sheet and hung on the ceiling. Simply cut out the eyes from black felt and glue them on.

With black plastic sheeting or cloths, you can darken the room and create a gloomy atmosphere. You should also lower the shutters or cover the windows with opaque curtains.

Give your guests a special scare by offering them a special program.