Waiting can save a lot of money

Waiting can save a lot of money

So many customers were expecting a hardware upgrade. This year, a new, modular Mac Pro and a screen from Apple will also come onto the market. Experts expect the new professional series to be presented at the WWDC developer conference (June 3 to 7).

The new, larger iMac with a 27-inch Retina screen (from 2099 euros) now has Intel processors of the ninth Core i generation with six or eight cores for the first time. According to Apple, they offer up to 2.4 times more performance compared to their predecessor. In this model, the Radeon Pro Vega graphics chip has up to 50 percent higher graphics performance.

In the smaller 21.5-inch iMac (from 1299 euros), Core i chips of the eighth generation will work with six cores in the future, which is one compared to its predecessor "up to 60 percent higher performance" should lead. Thanks to the graphics chip Radeon Pro Vega, Apple promises here "up to 80 percent higher graphics performance".

According to a media report, the US technology giant is taking action against known apps that store data and record user behavior without permission and without the knowledge of the iPhone user.


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Apple has asked the developers of smartphone programs to stop using software that records user behavior without consent, the industry service reported "TechCrunch". Otherwise the programs would be removed from the app store.

The app store’s terms of use required the programs to obtain user permission, cited "TechCrunch" from a communication from Apple. You would need the users "clear and precise" notify when to "record, upload or otherwise save the usage activity".

Every movement is recorded

"TechCrunch" had previously reported that numerous applications were recording every movement within the app without the knowledge of the user. These apps all use the same analysis tool. Users were not informed about the tracking. "TechCrunch" had the behavior of various iPhone apps evaluated by an expert for his analysis.

He reports that the apps are a tracking program from the company "Glass box" use. With its help, corporations can record the screen behavior of users. The companies can see exactly which interactions users have made on the touchscreen or keyboard.


The following companies use apps according to TechCrunch "Glass box":

Abercrombie & FitchAir CanadaExpediaHollisterHotels.comSingapore Airlines

User not informed

According to "Tech crunch" In addition, the Air Canada app should not mask the input of users. This means that employees with access to the data can read credit card information or passwords.

In addition, should "Glass box" according to "Tech crunch" neither inform users that user behavior is being recorded. Nor that the data is sent to the cloud from "Glass box" sent. Also could "Tech crunch" You cannot find an entry in the data protection declaration in the apps mentioned that refers to the app behavior. It is unclear whether Apple is aware of these practices.

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Apple removed Facebook app

It was only at the end of January that Apple threw a Facebook market research app from its app store. The reason: The app forwarded user data to Facebook – but with the consent of the user.

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Nevertheless, such a procedure violates Apple’s usage guidelines.https://123helpme.me/to-kill-a-mockingbird-essay/ The group emphasizes again and again that it wants to stand up for the privacy of its customers.

Sources used: Tech Crunch: "Many popular iPhone apps secretly record your screen without asking" (engl.) Giga.de: "iPhone apps are secretly recording your screen: these are the culprits"–>

With Apple’s iPhones, prices generally drop the older they are. But the high demand is driving the prices for 7 and 8 series up slightly again. In return, the prices of the new models fall faster. Waiting can save a lot of money. This shows a price comparison.


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Apple’s most recent iPhone crisis is not reflected in more sharply falling device prices. According to the price comparison portal "idealo.de" this is partly due to the continued stable demand for iPhones. 

(Source: t-online / idealo.de)

But there are clear differences between the different models: The prices of the new iPhones (XS, XR and X) are falling a little faster than those of the older 7 and 8 models. "The X was completely out of line anyway"explains a spokesman for "idealo.de". Because the popular model was no longer offered by Apple after a year and is now only available from third-party providers.

There is greater demand for older models than new ones

Also has "idealo.de" found that older iPhone models are now in greater demand than the new models, although their prices have not fallen further. On the contrary: The market prices of some older models, such as the iPhone 7 and 8, are even rising, if only slightly. A sign that the older models are more popular with customers than the new ones.

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The prices for the iPhone X and the more expensive iPhone XS have reached almost the same level five months after the market launch. And the prices for XR, 8 and 7 drop almost synchronously and at the same speed. The 7 and 8 models are now available from less than 700 euros, the XR costs significantly more.

Sources used: idealo.de: "iPhone price in check – Xs and Xs Max already 15 percent cheaper"Own research–>

Shopping and taking the train, but also meeting friends and allegedly even having sex: more and more people keep their wireless headphones in their ears in all situations. And some people ask themselves: "Is he still listening to me?"

A typical street scene in New York can look like this at the moment: She is sitting in front of a café in the sun, he comes over, they hug and chat. Both wear small wireless headphones. But nobody thinks of taking them out of their ears. A trend that is increasingly causing irritation in Germany as well.

It’s all about modern, cordless ear studs that are becoming increasingly popular – like the white ones "AirPods" from Apple, but also other brands such as Sennheiser or Samsung are on the market. For a long time, jokes were made about the little headphones, but now they seem omnipresent: on the train, in the office, when picking up children from school or in bars at friends’ homes: the headphones – unlike their predecessors with cables – often stay in them.

And that leads to discussions. One of the long-term porters sits in Washington Square in Manhattan: "They are so comfortable to wear that I often don’t even notice that I still have them in there"says the young man. His friend – without headphones – sits next to it, annoyed: "I keep telling him that it bothers me." After all, he never knows whether his buddy is using them or not.

Bad communication

Some headphone wearers, on the other hand, seem to think that it doesn’t matter whether they wear the mini speakers, because they still listen to their counterpart. But the question is: who else? The little ear studs can do much more than just play music. Apple recently announced that the AirPods will in future also automatically read out incoming messages if necessary.


Michael Niedeggen, Professor of General Psychology and Neuropsychology at the Free University of Berlin, understands the reservations. People are semantically not aligned to process two things of similar origin at the same time. You can take a walk and talk, and you can also listen to writing and classical music. "But as soon as you get two linguistic pieces of information at the same time, that doesn’t work."

Therefore, it could also have an impact on communication if you listen to the headphones at the same time as a conversation: "Conversations would become flatter because I don’t take in all of the information that the other person is trying to convey about me"says Niedeggen. The consequence could be that interlocutors would increasingly have to resort to repetitions. Or irrelevant phrases to keep the conversation going. The quality of communication would suffer.

A question of respect

Just wearing the headphones – regardless of whether they are switched off or not – signals to the conversation partner that they are not being paid full attention. "It is definitely the wrong symbol when it comes to appreciating the other person", explains Niedeggen. That is comparable to constant glances at the cell phone.

Patricia Fitzpatrick, who teaches good behavior at her etiquette school in New York, believes that this is also objectionable in terms of royalty. Your verdict on the headphones case: "If they respect the person they’re with, they’ll take them out." Studs are a good way to prevent unwanted communication – for example on an airplane. But if the conversation is wanted, they are counterproductive. "The conversation has to be in balance".

Studies on the effects of changed listening habits are not yet known to the experts, but psychologists see possible consequences for children as well. Current research on the influence of smartphones on parents shows that their sensitivity to signals from their offspring is decreasing, says Professor Markus Paulus, who holds the chair for developmental psychology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.

Great potential for distraction

In research there is the so-called "Headlight model"where the attention is focused like a light on a certain thing. Everything else remains in the dark. The parent-child relationship can therefore also suffer from the distraction of headphones. The other way around, the children also noticed when they had to court their parents’ favor. "Children then show more risky behaviors in order to get their parents’ attention."

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And the trend does not only seem to penetrate into child-rearing, but also into the bedroom. The tech news website "cnet" recently published an article entitled: "Don’t put Apple AirPods in your ears while you have sex". She was referring to a survey conducted by a US online retailer that claims that 17 percent of their owners wear the headphones while they sleep with someone.

Sources used: dpa9to5mac news agency: "iOS 13 AirPods features like Announce Messages with Siri ’will also work with Powerbeats Pro"cnet: "Please stop leaving in Apple AirPods while having sex"Music in Sex Survey New York Etiquette School websitemore sourcesview less sources–>

Berlin (dpa-infocom) – In the current charts there are two apps that were not able to conquer the coveted places last week. One enables better images, the other provides quick calculation results.

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"Specter Camera" (3.49 euros) is the ideal app for anyone who likes taking photos. The application has a smart exposure control. It enables interesting effects that arise both in daylight and in night shots. Occupied in the charts of the best-selling iPhone apps "Specter Camera" fifth place.

The app cuts almost as well "MyScript Calculator" (3.49 euros). It is suitable for anyone who wants to quickly calculate something on the iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is handwrite the numbers and arithmetic symbols on the device and the result appears – in real time.

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